Commodity Trading

The world today is an uncertain place and it is hard to make the right decisions. Most of us fervently hope we had a trustworthy and intelligent partner who could guide us along. We can’t promise all the advice you need in life, but at Himalayan Clearing Corporation, we pride ourselves for being a genuine helper. Our primary concern is to serve you well and help you succeed.

We provide best service for trading on MEX Nepal for Futures Contract, Spot Contract and Delivery Contract. We have over years of experience in the field of commodities. With this experience, we have acquired all the knowledge and every possible skill to help investors taste the sweet of success. The markets are very volatile today and every customer deserves an expert. At HCC, we ensure you get expert advice that is generated through concrete knowledge and not lame speculation.

The prime job as clearing house is to provide best service to its members and brokers. Clearing houses act as third parties to all futures and options contracts – as a buyer to every clearing member seller and a seller to every clearing member buyer.

Our Advantages:

  1. Experienced professionals to help customers
  2. Online trading using reliable technologies
  3. Dedicated technical help team
  4. Competitive price structure
  5. Matchless customer service
  6. Hassle free automated system for your dealings
  7. Trade from anywhere
  8. Daily mark-to-market of cleared positions to remove risk ex-post
  9. Security: Performance bond system to secure positions and mitigate risk ex-ante
  10. Transparency: Of market pricing, market metrics, risk management practices, and financial safeguards
  11. Neutrality: Neutral party to every transaction; neutral risk management standards